Welcome to dan domench & [A.A. Aritz]

You are welcome here.
Welcome to dan domench & [A.A. Aritz]
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Welcome to my forever free secure site where I review books, movies, and music that inspire me and help me get through the day.

I sometimes post new short stories, share interesting research, and respond to questions about my published stuff.

Some of you are new friends. I know we can build a community that supports your interests and dreams.

Together we rise is not a theory.

Research shows when we care about others, encourage them, and insist on fairness, we increase the probability we will experience our own life as a worthwhile journey; and incidentally, increase the chances that our own goals and dreams come true.

Every idea, question, or suggestion you have is important. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and light


Book, music, & screen reviews & fiction can be found at dandomench.com - a forever free secure site with the highest privacy standards. Your free login is your email and name. Your participation is not public. Your info is never shared. If you contribute, your payment information is never stored here. Add this website to your address book or drag the newsletter from your spam folder to your primary folder so we can stay in touch. You can contact me at dandomench@gmail.com.